Typical dinner conversation:

C:  So what do you want to do about the floor in the closet?

A:  I don’t know.

C:  Well, I was thinking of carpet.

A:  Great idea.  What about Flor?

C:  I said want carpet on the floor.

A:  I completely agree.  We should install Flor.

C:  Install carpet on the floor.

A:  That’s what I said, Flor.

We wanted carpet in the closet to minimize the amount of  dust floating around or to provide cushioning as we stand there trying to decide on an outfit.  I was hoping for an easy fix with an area rug, but the  finished area is non-standard size.  Having someone install it was more headache than I was willing to deal with for such a small space (~9’x4′).

A combination of moving and becoming homeowners landed us on  the mailing list for every home decorating catalog imaginable.  I toss most of them into the recycle bin, but I decided to flip through the Flor (carpet tiles) catalog a few weeks ago.  While there are plenty of tile systems which are a little cheaper, I liked this one because the tiles don’t stick to your floor.  Which means I can easily change my mind in a month and it will be easy to replace.

Another big selling point (for me at least) is that (most models) are made of recycled materials and it is recyclable when you are through with it.  Since it is a low pile, it is low maintenance and you can vacuum and spot clean just like regular carpet.  After morphing into a Flor salesperson, I was able to convince C to go with this option.  A few weeks later (there was a mix-up on their stock availability), we got our stack of carpet tiles and sticky dots.

We started with our clean and flat hardwood floors.  The FLOR tiles don’t work on uneven or soft surfaces (such as carpet).  The bottom side has a rubbery surface which creates  a non-skid traction with the floor.  It becomes one large carpet when each tile is connected at the corners by one of the sticky dots.  A combination of the weight and rubbery bottom keeps it from moving around.

*almost* leveled

Installation was a breeze.  The tiles are easy to cut with an razor blade or even scissors.  Connecting them with the sticky dots was easy.  Lining them up was easy enough for a first grader to do.  Unfortunately, it looked like a first grader put them together.  The pictures online and in the catalog show a much tighter fit.

testing the layout before we install in the closet

No matter which order or how hard we tried, we could not get them to look like a solid piece of carpet.  No wonder why they recommended arranging  in a parquet style (i.e. each tile pattern turned 90 degrees from the adjacent tile).

Oh well, you can tell we used carpet tiles and someone in the house is very dissatisfied with the purchase.  We’ll live with it for now and replace it when (and if) it starts coming apart.  Like I told C as I was trying to calm him down after he gave his “I told you so” speech on  needing professional carpet installation, not every project is going to be a hit.  But we can’t have these “misses” discourage us.

we installed a small piece of wood where the carpet meets the hardwood for a more finished look

Overall, I would not recommend FLOR if you are trying to get a uniformed looking carpet.  I would recommend it for a playroom which uses different colors to get a patchwork pattern.

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3 Responses to FLORed

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  2. Sean says:

    I’m planning to get some colorful flor tiles for a patterned hallway runner. It’ll be in the entryway for my condo. I’ll show you when done!

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