Chairs to Good Weather

The gorgeous weather inspired us to wash our cars this weekend.  But instead of doing everything together, we take turns.  C does all of the soaping and scrubbing, and my job is to rinse and dry.

While he was washing six months of dirt off my car, I started on a little project.  I have a folding chair that my family has owned since I was little.

yup, that says manufactured in 1985.

I don’t know why I haven’t thrown it away.  It is ugly, old and starting to rust.  I took it from my parents when I went to college to use as a computer chair.  I’ve had movers every time I’ve moved so I haven’t had to do any extra work to keep lugging it around.  And the extra seating comes in handy when we have a lot of people over.

Maybe it was the memories of eating a quick meal at the small table or having it hurled at me by one of my brothers a la WWF style.  I guess it has sentimental value as well as still being functional.

So instead of throwing it away, I gave it a make over.  In the time it took C to get my car clean, I was able to unscrew the back and bottom cushion.  After I popped them off, I took a quick break to dry my car.  He decided to vacuum his car so I had extra time before he needed my help.  I went back inside to cover the cushions.  I didn’t bother taking off the old fabric or adding extra batting.  It’s a folding chair.  It doesn’t need to be comfortable.

My first try at attaching the new fabric was to staple it down.  I don’t know how I was able to staple into a solid wood chair, but not into particle board.  The staples didn’t even go halfway in.

I tried hammering them down, but they would not budge.  So I took out the staples and glued it down.  I didn’t bother measuring or making sure the pattern was perfectly centered.  It’s a folding chair.  It doesn’t need to be aligned.

As you can see, I didn’t even cut it down to size before I started.  No planning.  I just wanted it done fast.  I didn’t have enough fabric so I had to sew some pieces together for the seat back.  Luckily, a solicitor corned C into a 10 minute conversation about re-sealing the roof which bought me more time.  I used a combination of spray glue and glue gun to hold the fabric down since it was curved.  I was cutting a little too fast and furious, and accidentally cut too much off.  I didn’t do a fit check to see where the frame would hide the seam.  Using ribbon, I was able to hide the unfinished edges.

In between all of the glue gunning, I was running to the back yard to spray paint the metal frame.  I sanded the rust off and gave it a few coats of gloss white paint.  C obviously washes his car more meticulously than mine, because I was able to finish most of the chair by the time I had to dry his car.

I waited until the next day reassemble everything so the paint could dry.  After the cushions were popped back in and the screws were tightened down, I had a new folding chair.

As you can see, I used the same fabric as the other chairs I reupholstered.  I forgot to take a closer picture, but you can see a little bit of green peaking through the seat back.  That’s where I had to cover the unfinished edges.

you can see where I had to add fabric to the back

It isn’t the best paint job, but it looks great from far away.  I like it so much it is going to be regularly displayed in the office instead of being hidden away in the garage.

Cheers to good weather and how quickly paint will dry in it.

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