New Moon

Don’t tell any burglars, but our backyard is the perfect place to sneak up on us.  It has lots of bushes to hide behind and it is extremely dark.  The only light back there is the light on our patio (only when we turn it on).  On a night with a new moon, you can’t even see the outlines of the bushes.

A cheap fix is to install LED solar lights.  My brother has tried the cheap kinds from Walmart and the expensive kinds from Lowes.  Walmart won the illumination battle.  He said they were just as sturdy as the ones from Lowes, but were much brighter and cheaper.

I was a skeptic, so I only bought one.  I didn’t have much to loose since they are only priced at $3.  C was an even bigger skeptic since he wanted to install the fancy walkway lights and mini spotlights for bushes like the people down the street from us.

It was easy to install.  You just take off the sticker that blocks the battery (which has been charging with the bright Walmart lights) and turn the stake at the bottom around.  Finally, jab it into dirt and hope it lights something up.

it’s charging so the light is off

We liked how the first one looked and bought more.  They go well with the backyard since they’re so small you can barely see them.  Let’s play Where’s Waldo the LED.  How many can you see?

Oopsies, I forgot to take a “before” night time picture so you could see how dark it was.  Why don’t you close your eyes real quick and you’ll get a good picture of how it looked before.
The ones under the juniper bush/tree don’t get as much sun as the others so they are dimmer.

C likes them so I like them too.  I plan on picking up a few every time I go to Walmart.  Target also has them for the same price, but different styles.  Now we’ll be able to see the burglars trying to sneak towards the house.  Well, kind of.  We’ll see that they’re partially blocking some light, but that’s as good as seeing them.

P.S.  Did you click the link for “new moon”?  I googled “the opposite of full moon” and the answer was a new moon.  I never thought much of the book titles for the Twilight series, but unlike the books themselves (which will admit I’m a huge fan of) the titles might have a little depth.  New moon is when there is no moon and the 2nd book in the series had no Edward.  Coincidence?  I think not.

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