Did You Guess

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…a rain catcher for the latest Mystery Friday question?  What do I need a rain catcher for?  It can save money by reducing the amount of water used for plants.  Rain water is better for plants since it does not have the usual additives in tap water (chlorine and fluoride) which can be harmful to plants.  We reclaimed a wine barrel  for our  rain catcher.  I’m not sure how the plants will react to the trace amounts of wine, but I hope it will promote growth since they’ll be so relaxed.

I was extremely delighted to catch about 30 gallons of water during the light showers last week.  I didn’t realize the barrel would fill up so quickly so we’ll have to get a few more.  We’ve already used the saved water for the yard plants which don’t have sprinklers.  Fortunately the weather man is forecasting more free water this week.  Woohoo!

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3 Responses to Did You Guess

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  2. Rob-Dawg says:

    Pretty cool! How do you get the water out of the barrel to your plants?

    • nailpolishpaint says:

      Great question and a perfect segue into my next post. Come back tomorrow to find out.

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