Pet the Pillow

My Hello Kitty loving cousin was having a birthday and wanted a pillow with her name on it.  I could have bought one for her, but of course my inner cheapo said, “Why buy it when you can make it?”

Thank goodness Joann Fabrics sells Hello Kitty fabric.  Or else I would have been up a creek because I did not remember that I had told her I would make it until a few days before her party.

Off to Joann I went and returned with a  12″x16″ pillow, 1/2 yard of the Hello Kitty fabric, 1 felt square and 6″ of the pink fabric.  I was able to get away with only 1/2 a yard of fabric since the print was going in all directions.  I was able to use pieces  from both the length and crosswise grain.

To cut the letters, I printed her name in large inverted block letters.  Then, I spray glued it to the felt and cut along the lines.  I inverted the letters because I thought the spray glue would leave a residue and I didn’t want that side to face up, but it didn’t.  In the future I can print it regular and not worry about a sticky letter.

Next, I pinned the letters on the solid fabric and sewed them with a zig-zag stitch.  That was the hard part.  It took me about an hour because the felt kept stretching and I had to reposition the fabric everytime I hit a corner.  I can only sew straight lines, so the “S” was quite a bugger to get through.

As you can see the name isn’t perfectly straight.  But what was I supposed to do?  Take it apart and start over?  On most days I would have, especially since I had extra fabric, but on this particular day I was trying to barrel through 5 projects so I let it be.

I sewed the hot pink belly band to the 15″x18″ fabric.  18″=1/2 yard.  I only bought enough to cover the pillow so I was hoping that I wouldn’t make any mistakes in cutting.

For the back, I finished the edges on two 15″x”13″ pieces and made them overlap each other about 3″.  This would be for the opening in the back since I was making a removable, washable sham.  Because kids drool.  And drool needs to be washed off every once in awhile.

I laid all three pieces together with the pattern facing inside and sewed a 12″x16″ box.  Finally, I turned it inside out and stuffed the pillow in.

Here’s the finished pillow.  The project total was about $12.97 for all of the materials since I bought so little fabric and had a coupon for the pillow.  You can buy these pillows on Etsy for $20 so my labor was only worth $7.03.  Wow.  Not even minimum wage.

I wish I had one neutral colored chair to take pictures of pillows on.  Cause I love sewing pillows.

Kirsten had also forgotten I told her I was going to make her a pillow because of the priceless look she had on her face when she ripped the pillow from the wrapping paper.  She had a look of shock followed by an uncontrollable smile when she saw her name on her beloved Hello Kitty.  She petted the letters a few times as if to make sure it really was her name.  Her genuine joy was worth time to make the pillow myself.

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  1. Tyson says:

    Awesome pillow!

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