Epic Makeover

Things I do waste time relax:

1.  Watch 5 episodes of The Nate Burkus Show in one sitting

2.  Read DIY design blogs

3.  Watch 2 episodes of American Idol in one sitting (separate from item #1)

4.  Clean the house

Only one of the items is productive and yes, I actually enjoy cleaning the house.  It stresses me out to see clutter so putting things away and making the house look organized makes me happy.

On The Nate Burkus show,  I like to watch a segment called House Proud where people submit videos and give tours of their self decorated homes.  I get decorating ideas from the show and every once in awhile I learn about another blog to inspire me.

An episode which aired a few weeks ago featured Mandi from Vintage Revivals.  She had a segment for antiquing mirrors.  I immediately went to the NBS website to see if she had a blog because I have been looking for a way to antique a mirror to match my mirrored buffet.  I was hooked by her creations and she is now on my “read everyday” list.

Anyhoo…where is this story going?  Mandi from VR is giving away a free room makeover and all I have to do is blog about which room I want her to fix.  She’ll travel to anywhere in the continental US and decorate the whole thing.  Yes, I will eventually get around to decorating the room myself, but we have a lot of rooms and only 2 of them are decorated (great room and master), so I’ll take the help if I win.

If I could get a room fixed up for free, it would be the spare or living room.  The  spare room is kind of a second closet since we fold our laundry and iron our clothes in here.  Occasionally we get dressed here since some of our clothes are still in here.  It needs something, but I’m not sure what it is.  An area rug?  Wall art?  It isn’t on the top of my “to decorate list”, but maybe if it looked fancier, people would mistake it for a hotel and maybe we would actually have guests.

The living room is in dire need of beautification.  We are in here a lot since I like to “relax”  and C likes to watch movies.  Soak up the oak and leather.  Sounds like a man cave, but it isn’t.  It is a room of randomness which needs to be unified.  This is the next room we’re going to fix up regardless of whether or not I get help from VR, but I’m not sure where to start.

C doesn’t know I’m entering so don’t tell him.  Yes, he does come to the blog, but he only looks at the pictures so maybe he’ll gloss right over this.  I’ll let him know I’m letting stranger in the house if I actually win.  No use worrying him over nothing.

Hopefully in a week, 3 of the 4 things would have been productive.  NBS leads to VR which leads to free makeover=productive.

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