Ocean Storm

If you guessed the new color of our master bedroom was Ocean Storm, then you were right!

I don’t know why I like gray so much right now, but it is my new favorite color.  To wear.  To paint.  To look at.  The Debbie downer color perks me up every time I see it.  If I had to pick between a gray or black shirt to wear, I gravitate towards gray.  If I’m picking out paint chips, I’m pushed towards pepper.

Did you notice what my last few projects had in common?  They were all different shades of gray.

When we reached for a new color to splash on the walls we didn’t have go extend our arms very far.  The color at the end of paint chip, Ebony Fields, is the one we used for the dresser and closet shelves.  We stayed in the family and moved over to Ocean Storm.

Every wonder why you’ve never seen our room on here?  Well, let’s just say we’ve been living a minimalist existence and there wasn’t much to see.  For the first seven months of living here, the only purpose of our room was to house the box we slept on.  Here the lackluster reveal of our old room.

Well, we finally got tired of the mismatched colors and the dirty wall behind our bed.  We took action and broke out the paint rollers.  It took a whole gallon, but C was able to cover the walls.

This shot is the closest to how the color looks in real life
so you don’t have to keep scrolling up and down to see what we did

It doesn’t even look like the same room, right?  Aside from the updated wall color, we also changed the baseboard and added crown molding.  We desperately needed a headboard since I moved the other one out of the room when we got the new bed.  Seeing the new paint motivated me to finally make the new headboard.  The other thing you might have noticed is that we got rid of our old tv.  As a prize for finishing the closet, we got a “mini” flat screen tv.  Someone in our house is unsatisfied with the size I picked, but I didn’t want artificial daylight before I went to sleep.

The new pallette is surprisingly soothing, but our room is starting to look bland.  I’ll remedy that with a few pillows and maybe some art on the walls.  If you didn’t notice, there are a few items that still need some work.  We need to do something about the night stands or get new ones.  And there is  the little mini couch in front of our bed that needs to get recovered.  Just a few things to look forward to (hopefully in the near future.)

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2 Responses to Ocean Storm

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  2. ray says:

    you should be on hgtv. your show could be called from junk to jewels. using washers for buttons. what a great idea. headboard turned out very well. and nice paint job C. painted the cover to hide the tv wires. such attention to detail!

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