Roman Holiday Part II

I know you are wondering what projects I’ve been working on, but my day job has gotten in the way of my creative job.  I was in Rome most of last week so I wasn’t able to start any new projects.  It was a quick, whirlwind trip so I was only able to snap a few photos.

We stayed in this lovely old hotel with a modern twist.  The walls and raised ceiling were decorated with floral molding and a contemporary fabric chandelier.  The traditional lines of the furniture were offset by the white lacquered finish.  The hotel Majestic did keep a few things old school such as the the room keys.  Can you even remember the last hotel you  checked into which actually used a key to unlock the door?

My coworker and I decided to Rome (haha) aimlessly around the city since we had just visited in December.  Well, I decided that was what I wanted to do and he didn’t object so I dragged him around the shopping area near the Spanish Steps.  The weather had reported showers throughout the week, but it was delightfully sunny and warm when we started our expedition so I opted to leave my umbrella at the hotel.  After a few hours we  decided to snack on gelato.  The line must have quite long because by the time we stepped out of the gelataria, the blue skies had turned Ocean Storm gray with crackling thunder and lightening.  The yummy pistachio, chocolate and mystery flavor (3 separate scoops) I had picked were worth getting rain soaked.

i went back a few days later (no rain!) to snap a pic of this famous gelato place.  sausage was sold at a different place.

Rome is known for its unchanging facade, but occasionally the old city needs a face lift.  I was dissappointed to see the scaffolding around the Pantheon the last time around, but was charmed to finally see it in its full glory last week.

(Sigh) This will be my last trip for awhile so these pictures and the memory of the delicious  Italian food will have to tide me over.  For work at least.  I’ve got the travel bug again and have started to plot our next family trip.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Anyone going anywhere cool?

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One Response to Roman Holiday Part II

  1. Tyson says:

    Nice pictures. I’m glad to see that they are done renovating the Pantheon. The Pantheon was being worked on when I visited in 2006.

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