Happy Mother’s Day

Where do I get my creative (and other homemaking) skills from?  I got it from my mama.

For as long as I can remember, my mom has been sewing, crocheting, crafting, creating, and improvising to make pretty things for our home.  She taught me how to thread a needle and to sew extra pillow cases from a flat sheet.  She taught me how to match colors by sewing coordinating outfits for us.  She taught me to cook dinner every night and to frequently bake goodies.  She taught me that cleanliness was key.  She made my bed, my dresses and my day.  She is our family’s recipe book, memory keeper, and spiritual rock.

As a kid, I would watch her recover couches, make slipcovers for chairs and curtains for the windows.  She painted our patio furniture and kitchen cabinets.  And this was with her own intuition since this was in the pre-Google days.

Her job was to be a mom and she was excellent.  If there was a title to be given for the achievements of our stay at home mom, she would have been the Commander and Chief General of Executive Officers and Chairman of the Board of moms.  She would cut my PB&Js into different shapes so I would eat them.  Doesn’t that deserve an award?

It was no surprise to our family that I inherited my mom’s style, thriftiness and need to create something from nothing.  I probably won’t be able to live up to her legacy (since C vetoed the whole stay at home mom thing), but if I am half of the mother she was to my brothers and I (to my distant future kids), I would die blissfully happy.  Cheers to my wonderful and loving mother and the rest of the mothers out there (who are probably a close second place to her).

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