A Pair of Chandies

Update on the Epic Makeover at VR.  I sadly did not make it into the top 15.  Thanks for voting for me (if you did)!  If you didn’t, I’ll just pretend you did unless you told me you didn’t (ahem…the person whose name starts with an S and ends by oozing.)  Alas, I won’t let a little loss keep me from painting our walls and polishing our brass.

Speaking of polishing brass.  I have a new project to add to my stockpile.  Last Sunday after we stopped by the flea market, we went to a craigslister’s house to acquire these pair of beauties.

The guy we bought the pair of chandeliers from said he got them from Murano, Italy in the 80s.  Ironically, Murano is known for its blown glass so I was a little skeptical of authenticity of the ‘crystal’.  Only a ‘clunk’ was audible when I tapped the prisms on each other instead of the expected ‘clingngngng’.  He hung them on his back porch after he took them from their place in his home, and I was able to see the little rainbows cast on the ground by the passing light.  And C said they are really heavy.  He should know since I made him hold them while I thought about whether or not I really wanted them.  With those two facts, I concluded they were really crystal and not glass.   They weren’t cheap, but they were a good deal considering each one is packed with crystals.

I hesitated in my decision to close the deal since the brass frame had significant amounts of rust and the crystal pins had layers of patina.  The chandies were unique and it is rare to find two of the same exact fixture.  Trust me, I’ve been CL hunting for a few months and I knew that these were undervalued (at least on the CL market.)

The baubles eventually won me over and C persuaded me that cleaning the rust off wouldn’t be as daunting as I made it out to be.  Even rarer than a well priced CL chandelier is C agreeing on chandie style.  When the opportunity presents itself, I know better than to pass it up.

These will go in our future, remodeled kitchen, but will pretty up our garage for now.

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