Chairs for Grandmas

Every time my grandma comes to my house, she asks me to show her the projects I’ve completed.  I happily give her a rundown of my new conquests and a quick tutorial of how I accomplished it.  Little did I know she had been taking mental notes of everything I was saying.

I was talking to my sweet little grandmother a few weeks ago when she told me she was going to fix a chair just like me.  Someone had given her an old dining chair that she wanted to repaint and recover to match her room.  She had someone buy her spray primer and paint and papel-de-liha.  I didn’t understand the last word she was saying, but I got the gist of the supplies she had lined up.  Frustrated, she just kept saying the word over and over and I kept saying, “Um, ok.  Cool.”  Finally, she remembered the translation, “Sandpaper!”  Oh yes, sandpaper is key.

not horrible, but dark wood and pleather doesn’t go with grandma’s shabby chic

I went to her house to help her with it, but we decided it would be easier if I brought it to my house and finished it myself.  I thought it would be a slam dunk, but I ran into a few problems.  First, one of the finials was broken and I had to get a new one.  And the glue didn’t set right on the replacement so it kept breaking off.

Then, there were issues with the paint.  There is a warning on the label about painting in a certain temperature range which I completely ignore.  I have painted in the middle of a California frozen winter, torrential rains and during the heat of summer and all of the paint jobs have turned out fine.  I was dismayed when I started spraying and these webs and cracks appeared.

can you see how much I had to sand down?!

The difference between this paint job and the last ones is that I had the chair in the warm garage and brought it outside to paint in the cold evening air.  I had to sand it down and repaint.  And I didn’t sand it down good enough the first time so I had to sand down again after the second coat.  Way more painting and sanding than I wanted to do for this  little chair.

Finally, I re-foamed and recovered the seat with leftover foam and fabric.  I put Humpty Dumpty back together again and was ready to present it to my grandma.

I called my grandma today to let her know I had finally finished it and she exclaimed,  “My  dear,  I can’t wait to see it.”  Who says “dear” except for grandmas?  Maybe I’ll try to bring it back into fashion.  Well my dears, what do you think of my grandma’s chair?

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