Quirky Corky

I’ve been working insane hours.  I’m literally at work for NINE hours a day.  Count em.  Nine is one more than eight.  I kid.  About the nine hours.  That’s just a normal work day, but I have to tell you that coverage is going to be spotty around here due to my day job.  It was starting to kill me that I had all of these projects piling up.  In an insane move, after a long day at work, I did something with this:

If you remember, it is one of the frames I recently bought at the flea market.  What can you do with only a frame?  I was going to add it to the collection on my mantel, but then I would have to find a solid backing and a piece of glass to cover it.  Too much work in too little time.

I decided to make a much needed cork board for my office.  I had a cork board, but gave it to my mom after I decided I was keeping too much clutter.  I quickly realized I needed a place to temporarily display things and a new cork board was the solution.

Warning:  The way I made this does not seem extremely sturdy so copy it at your own risk.

First, I spray painted the frame in a gloss white.  Next, I cut a piece of cardboard to fill the opening.  I cut and glued square cork board to the cardboard, and spray glue fabric on top of that.  The fabric was a kitchen curtain in a former life, but didn’t fit any of the windows in the new house.

Here’s the janky part.  I couldn’t figure out how to attach the cork/cardboard to the frame so in an act of desperation, I used duct tape.

And staples to straddle between the frame and cardboard.

Not the sturdiest way to attach it, but I figure it is going to be on a wall so it can’t pop out, right?  Here is where the new cork board landed in the office.  I hung it on the closet door because it is a quick reach from my desk.  If it falls apart, it isn’t going to be because of the poor construction.  It will be because the frame is on a constantly moving door.  One teeny, tiny tack is holding the cork board to the door.

Note to self (and you), don’t buy a plain frame again.  I’m not sure what to do with them.  I lucked out this time, but who knows what will happen next time.

Check out some other great flea market/thrifted finds at Southern Hospitality.

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