31 is Fun

My thirty first birthday was uneventful.  It was preceded by a few hectic days at work and we was celebrated by eating at one of our favorite BBQ places.  Alas, the BBQ joint was having an off day so the celebratory food was nothing to write home about.

My birthday party on Saturday more than made up for the actual  lackluster birthday.  The weather cooperated with our backyard party and everyone had a great time.  Here are the highlights for the people who couldn’t attend.  It’s like a virtual birthday party.  Join me as I blow out my candles, but please send a real present in lieu of a virtual gift.

I decorated the house with these paper pinwheels/sunbursts.  I got the idea from Paper Source.  They had a similar setup in their display window, but they were all out of the kits.  My choice was to go back the next week or study them at the store and make them myself.  You guess which option I chose.

I had asked my mom to make me a rainbow cake similar to this one.  I thought she would decorate it simply with white frosting, but was delighted with the colorful coordinating pinwheels.

I rented a cotton candy machine as an encore from the party last year.  Our sugar parade was followed by rice crispy treats, the rainbow cake, a chocolate bundt cake and root beer floats.  Was everyone able to go to sleep after all of that?

I also had a quasi-photo booth set up in the office.  There were a few technical difficulties midway through the photo session, but I was able to resolve it and get it up and running again.  It is a good thing I made that cork board last week because everyone was using it as a photo holder.

We finished the night off by blowing candles and eating a lot of cake.

The cake was just as delicious as it looks.  In fact, I’m eating another slice right now.  Cheers to birthdays, cake, my family & friends and another great start to another year of life.  31 is FUN!

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