Pillow Pocket

I ♥ this DwellStudios fabric so much I had to have it in another color.  I thought it would be overkill to do another piece of furniture in the same print since I already did the cane chairs and the folding chair.

Hmm, what can I do with this fabric?  After two seconds, I decide to make my favorite sewing project:  pillows.  Pillows are sew (ha ha) easy to make.  They are just straight lines.  And if you  sew kind of crooked, they still come out nice.

I made a pocket pillow cover so I could take them off when I got tired of the fabric.  There is a slight chance that might happen because there is already so much of it around.  I used an old pair of curtains for the back side since the curtains have a finished edge and that was one less thing I had to sew.  And I liked the contrasting (yet matching) colors

To make a cover for an 18″ pillow, I cut a 20″x20″ piece of the printed fabric.  I usually skimp on the cuts and end up cutting too short.  This time, I decided to give myself extra fabric to work with on this project.  From the old curtains, I cut two 12″x20″ pieces for the back.

With the printed and finished edges facing inside, I overlapped the two 12″x20″ pieces about 3″ in the middle.  I’m not sure why I didn’t do 4″ since you can see there is about an inch of the white not overlapping the printed fabric.  Oh well, a 3″ overlap works.  As you can see the pre-finished edges of the curtains will be the opening of the pillow cover.

I’m not sure if you can see them, but I pinned all of the edges and middle to keep the pieces together while I sewed.  Next, I sewed an inch in from the edges (20″-1″ from the left – 1″ from the right =18″).  Finally, I trimmed 1/2″ all around and snipped the corners.  Easy, right?

The last step is to turn the cover inside out and stuff your pillow in.  Woo hoo for pocket pillow covers.

plump pocket pillow
side view
from the corner

Sorry you have to look at them on the un-coordinating maroon couches, but the bed wasn’t ready for a photo-shoot.  I’ll be honest, I only make my bed on the weekend.  What about you?  Do you make your bed every morning or is it a special occasion when your covers are pulled nicely over your bed?

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