My Little Pony

You’ve seen this beauty of a seat in our room before.  I bought it a few months ago from a Craigslister, but didn’t have time to reupholster it.  At first I enforced a no-touching-the-uncleaned-mini-couch rule which C adhered to.  That quickly went out the window after the first month of languishing in our room.  It was just too tempting to sit on it while slipping on my shoes.

I ignored the dingy looking fabric.  The lighting is bad in our room so most of the time you can’t see it.  Except for the morning when the sun blasts in.  I’m usually half asleep when I leave the house so I never notice the wilted flowers in the morning.

C kept asking when I was going to fix the pony couch.  Funny that he named it a pony couch because I bought a faux suede to recover it.  The thought of fleas jumping off the dingy pinto and onto my bed corralled me into branding this little pony with my own fabric.  It was no easy task getting the old fabric off.  We tousled around for about two weeks getting that hide into shape.  It was so sturdy that I had a hard time pulling the old staples out.  In the end I cut the fabric off and left the old staples in the wood.  The process was so frustrating that I only took one picture during tear down.

Yup, the only picture I took was removing the bottom liner.  I guess I thought I wouldn’t remember where that piece went.  Oops, I hoped I could remember how to put back together again.

Here’s what the old chap looked like stripped down.   It was a pretty coat of cotton fluff.

I decided to go with a faux suede in canary yellow since I couldn’t find the blue I originally wanted at price I was willing to pay.  I don’t normally like faux suede since it always looks disheveled, but our room needed texture.  We don’t have any prints and the color palette is blah (which I chose and <3) so the faux suede was perfect.  I was actually looking for a velvet, but the only velvet I could find was the crushed, stretchy variety to be used for ice skating costumes.  Not the look I was going for so faux suede was the natural choice.

Before I cut the different sections, I laid out the pieces on the fabric to make sure I had enough.  Confident that I had enough fabric, I started to cut the big pieces.

It looks like there is plenty of fabric, but not all pieces are shown

The first cut was for the seat cushion.  As I was fitting it to the couch, I noticed this:

Another oops.  I started marking the back side with a Sharpie before I decided to cut.  Unfortunately, I marked and it bled in the middle of the cushion piece.  Which meant I just wasted that piece of fabric.  I was so irritated at myself.  The seat cushion was the biggest piece and I didn’t have any fabric to spare.

I used my Tetris skills to get the pieces to fit on the remaining fabric.  To compensate for the lack of extra fabric, I used a trick I learned from the original pieces.  They sewed extra pieces of white fabric to the main fabric to extend it.  Since you aren’t going to see the pieces which are tucked into the cushions, it doesn’t matter that they don’t match.  Phew, crisis diverted.

It was fitting that I did not take pictures while taking it apart because I did not take any pictures while putting it back together.  To secure the fabric, I pushed it between the cushions and stapled it to the frame.

The tricky part was securing the pieces which would not get hidden by another pieces such as the sides and back.  I used upholstery nails to tack the fabric in place.

I used the ruler that came with the nails to guide the spacing.  As you can see, I wasn’t very good any hammering them into a straight line.  Since nail head trim is not my forte, the only advice I can offer is to hammer hard a few times to drive the nail rather than several taps.  I messed up several nails by bending them with the small taps.  The hard pounding got them down fast and straight.

I should have painted the legs before I reupholstered.  I thought I liked the original wood color, but it did not go with the yellow of the fabric or nails.  Luckily I had an espresso brown craft paint to make them richer brown.  With a sponge brush and watered down craft paint, I put a thin coat on the legs.  The brown was too dull so I sealed it with a coat of semi-gloss clear coat.

Can you tell the difference between the two legs?

Are you excited for the big reveal of our new pony?  What I lack in a tutorial, I make up for in “after” pictures.  She’s not perfect, but we love her just the same.

Do you like it?

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5 Responses to My Little Pony

  1. B.Lo says:

    How’d you know that yellow is my favorite color. That will look greatnat our place.

  2. nailpolishpaint says:

    Thanks! I keep saying I’m not going to reupholster anymore. Then I forget how hard it was and talk myself into doing another piece. If you wait long enough, I might help you.

  3. tracy says:

    Wow! I will hire you for your services if the price is right! It looks so good!

  4. tiffany says:

    Looks so good! I’m glad i was able to witness the in between stage first hand

  5. Ray says:

    Looks great!

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