Quirky Corky II

Sorry it took so long for the Mystery Friday reveal.  If you guessed that the picture frame was fine they way it was (and someone did pick it), then…

…you don’t know me well enough.  Please stop reading the blog.  You know who you are.  If you guessed the picture frame would be turned into a cork board, you were right.

I picked up this gem at a garage sale a few weekends ago.  It was 1pm and starting to warm up.  Nothing caught my eye until the lady said that everything on one table was $1.  I had $2 in my pocket so I rummage through to see what I could find.  As I paid for the ancient and faded Norman Rockwell print, her teenage son commented that he was amazed anyone would want it.  As if she read my mind, she quickly informed him that people are paying for the frames and not necessarily the pictures inside.

Not quite sure what I was going to use it for, it sat in the garage until I thought about turning it into a cork board for a birthday present.  Cheap present?  Yes, but my time and homemade craft is priceless.

I followed a similar construction to its big brother.  I took the picture off the frame and hot glued cork board to it.  As the glue cooled, I put a few coats of spray paint on.  I initially painted it this soft yellow.  I hated it so I repainted it a bright, gloss white.  The yellow was too pastel.

Next, I covered it with fabric and secured it with more hot glue.  Finally, as an improvement from the last cork board, I stapled the backing into the frame.  I forgot to take pictures of the back so hopefully you get what I mean.  Random question:  Does anyone actually make anything I provide instructions for or does this blog only serve as a time filler?

Hopefully the new owner will enjoy their mini-me cork board as much as I enjoy mine.

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One Response to Quirky Corky II

  1. bobbi lee says:

    The new owner LOVES it! xoxoxox

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