Christmas in July

Someone’s been nibbling on my apricots.  It only takes a taste before someone remember that it doesn’t like apricots.  Then, the opened fruit is left on the branch for an unsuspecting homeowner to pick.

Judging from the precarious location on the branch, I don’t believe it is the neighborhood cat.   And from the size of the bite mark, I don’t believe it is the squirrels.  It has to be the birds.  They know exactly when the fruit is ripe because they don’t touch the unripened ones.

The birds have eaten all but one of the ripe fruit this season.  They also eat the oranges, but there are so many that we don’t notice if they eat one a day.  With the apricot tree, there are only 30 pieces and most of what is left is in the picture above.

The tree is too tall to put netting around so I had to find another way to keep the birds away.  I read that birds get confused by the reflected light and shiny things in fruit trees is a deterrent.  I took old cds, strung twine through the middle and tied them in various locations in the tree.  The twine has enough slack so the CDs can freely twist and twirl to cast rainbows everywhere.  I think they look like Christmas ornaments.

I could not reach very high even with the little ladder so most of the CDs are around the same height.  C put the one at the top, but decided it wasn’t worth going up further since there wasn’t any fruit up there.

I also read the birds are smart and figure out that the shiny things won’t hurt them and will ignore them after awhile.  The fruit is almost ripe so I’m optomistic the trick will keep them away for a week.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know how it works out.  Hopefully the sun and CDs work together to cast rainbows in the bird’s eye.

Just to be safe, we picked some unripened apricots and will use the old ripen-in-a-paper-bag method to yield some yellow goodness.

Does anyone know of any other tricks that work to preserve fruit on trees?

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3 Responses to Christmas in July

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  2. tiffany says:

    so thats why i see metallic strips all over those orchards on hwy 101 going to SLO! I always wondered why they did that..thanks for the clarification..i just thought they liked the look of tinsel a lot

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