Happy Anniversary

Happy 1 year house birthday.  The actual 1 year mark passed a few weeks ago, but I still wanted to celebrate it.  The bigger occasion is that Nail, Polish and Paint is celebrating its 1 year blog-a-versary with the house.  The few and far between wonderful comments have been a great motivator to continue to share my projects.  We may have a small readership, but you guys are loyal and steadfast.  Thanks for continuing to come by.

I think C and I have done a decent job with furnishing and fixing our home so it is a cozy and esthetically pleasing place for us and our guests to hang out in.  Looking back at one of our first posts, we made a small list of things we wanted to do within our first year in our new house.  How did we do?  Not too shabby.

  1. Expand the master bedroom closet Complete!!!
  2. Install carpet in the master bedroom.  Does carpet in the closet count?  I really wanted wall to wall carpet, but I have other battles to win and decided to let this one go.
  3. Paint the walls. We manage to paint our master bedroom.
  4. Update the kitchen.  Let’s skip that question
  5. Minimize the landscaping.  Complete.

I skimmed the year of posts and here is a quick update:

  • Most of the contact paper we put in the kitchen and bathroom has stayed in its place.  The few places where it curled up were fixed with hot glue.
  • The water softener is amazing.  It is the one of the best presents the previous homeowners left us.  I barely have to clean our glass shower door and our glasses rarely have water spots.  The best is not having super dry skin.
  • The frosted windows are still frosted.  A few bubbles have formed near the edges, but they might have showed up soon after the frosting was installed.  Nothing you can see unless you get really close.
  • We still have not fixed the key to the front door.  Our solution is to have our guest leave through the front while we sneak out through the side door.  We really do have to get that fixed.  C likes to let people back in through the side door where they have to walk past our laundry area and unmentionables.  Awk-ward.
  • The glue gunned fabric bench hasn’t come apart although it is constantly used.  Isn’t hot glue great?
  • The brass drawer handles are still shiny.  Woo hoo for Brasso.
  • The cake stand did come apart once, but I just glued it back together.  Once again, hot glue is great.
  • It is a very bad idea to hang a frame on a sliding door.  The cork board fell and chipped after I quickly opened the closet doors.
  • All of the various re-upholstered and painted furniture projects are still in tact.  I was worried that the craft staples wouldn’t hold, but so far so good.  I think we are aware of the potential to scratch the paint and we haven’t left any big marks yet.

One project which passed its prime several months ago is the faux stained glass on the front door.  I think I have managed to ignore it because we never go through the front door and this is what I see when I pass by:

Not bad right?  Well, this is what guests see when they leave.

Embarrassing.  It is peeling and melting.  I haven’t found the time to make new cling-ons and should probably just take them down all together.

Once again, thanks for reading.  Come by everyday because there will be something new everyday.  I have a new project to reveal.  And just like my favorite blogs, I have a house tour and a give away.  That’s right, free stuff.  Although I would love to get rid of some of my old unwanted electronics (i.e. a large CRT TV), I’m sure you want something equally as shiny, but a little more on the newer and prettier side.  Hint:  I only give presents that I like so it is something you’ve seen on the blog.  Any guesses?

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2 Responses to Happy Anniversary

  1. ray says:

    yes, i agree. it’s like watching HGTV with people i know. happy 1 year NP&P!

  2. Robbie says:

    The blog is awesome! Keep it up! (and please train Bernardo to be as crafty)

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