House Tour

I couldn’t let our house anniversary month pass without giving you a tour. Join me for a stroll through the house.

Here is a before picture of the eating area in the kitchen.

And here is the after.  Not much has changed other than the added furniture.

The kitchen’s before picture.

And here is the after.  Not much has changed here either.The great room’s before picture.

And here are the after pictures.  This is my favorite room in the house because it is the most finished.  The recessed lighting and chandelier were one the first things we tackled in our long list of house projects.  The only thing on my to-do list for this room is to add a rug to the seating area to separate the two sections of the room.

The before picture of the tv room.  Remember we had the gigantic solid oak desk in there?

The desk was the first thing C ripped out.  You can see the light box at the very top of the before picture.  C ripped that out a few months ago and installed recessed lighted.  The shag carpet was the second thing to leave this room.  We replaced it with a lovely textured, low pile carpet.

Finally, we have the bedrooms.  I didn’t taken before pictures of these rooms.  Just imagine plain boxes with wooden floor.  The first picture is of the guest room.  I want to add a rug and some art on the walls.  It looks cold and uninviting in this picture, but I swear it is cozy in real life.  Come visit to check it out yourself.

Here is my office.  I have frames that I am planning on putting up, but I haven’t gotten around to it.  There is probably a better way to arrange the furniture, but  I like it this way.

You’ve seen our room before.  Nothing new except we moved the little yellow settee to the foot of the bed.  We NEED a carpet in this room.  We need something to catch all of the dust (and maybe some of my hair).  I also want something warm to walk on in the winter.  The hardwood floors get as cold as marble.

Well, there you have it.  Our home isn’t exactly HGTV ready.  We have the furniture in place, but I want to add dust collectors accessories to make it warmer and more personalized.

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3 Responses to House Tour

  1. Tyson says:

    awesome job! It inspires me to try and fix up my house too!

  2. Ray H says:

    Looking good!

  3. tiffany says:

    great job, i’m glad i’m able to visit whenever i can and see the fruits of your labor in person…speaking of fruits…

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