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For months I was waking up with pain in my elbow.  It was because of the angle from the bed down to the snooze button on my alarm clock.  It probably doesn’t help that I hit about 5 times in … Continue reading

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Best Thrift Store Find, Ever

The title says it all.  As I wandered into musky used clothes smell of every thrift store, I felt like this would be my lucky day.  And as the title says, it was.  Maybe it was because the smell wasn’t … Continue reading

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Thailand Wrap Up

Let me take you on a tour of the rest of our Thai adventure. We bargained at the market. We visited a lot of temples.  A note to everyone who visits Thailand: always keep an extra pair of socks and … Continue reading

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Playing Pachyderms

My brother showed us a bunch of tourist brochures and we instantly picked the animal related attractions.  We didn’t realize we would follow the excitement of the tigers with an afternoon of elephants.  After we left the Tiger Kingdom, we … Continue reading

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Tigers in Thailand

My brother moved to Thailand last May.  Since we love to travel, we could not resist the free lodging and tour guide.  So we invited ourselves to visit before his two year gig ended.  And then we found out we … Continue reading

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