Playing Pachyderms

My brother showed us a bunch of tourist brochures and we instantly picked the animal related attractions.  We didn’t realize we would follow the excitement of the tigers with an afternoon of elephants.  After we left the Tiger Kingdom, we headed to Maesa Elephant Camp

At the elephant camp, we took a stroll through the jungle.

wow, look at that wedgie

We fed the elephants bananas and sugar cane.

We got hugged by elephants.

are we having fun yet?  note to self:  don’t wear white when playing with elephants.

We got fitted for a new hat.

C is protecting himself from pick pockets

We saw an artist create a masterpiece.

We watched the elephants take a bath.

this girl’s job was catching the grapefruit sized elephant poo while they were in the water

I have to say I was much more intimidated by the elephants than the tigers.  They were more active and kept prodding me we with their powerful trunks for fruit or money.  They were also more entertaining and put on a good show.  Several elephants performed stunts like kicking a soccer ball into a goal and popping balloons with darts.  Which is impressive since I cannot do either.  An elephant camp is also a must see when visiting Thailand.

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