Best Thrift Store Find, Ever

The title says it all.  As I wandered into musky used clothes smell of every thrift store, I felt like this would be my lucky day.  And as the title says, it was.  Maybe it was because the smell wasn’t as potent as usual or because I got a parking spot in the front, but I knew I would walk out of the thrift store with a great deal.

I spotted one of thsee goblets and did a mini shriek of joy.  Background:  I own five of these goblets and it always irks me that I didn’t have a complete set.  My friend gave them to me after they went unsold at one of our garage sales.  Not knowing the manufacturer made it impossible to search online.  Did you know you could spend hours searching online through picture of “crystal glasses with ball”?

One day C’s grandma saw them and said she had the same set.  She also said there way no way I was going to get my grubby little hands on them.  Of course she said it in a very polite grandma way.  She gave me a small clue and said it was Czechoslovakian crystal.  So a few weeks ago, I did a search for it on eBay.  On the 16th page of “Czech crystal”, I discovered they were by Bohemia and the style was Claudia.  But one glass was selling for $15 plus shipping.  Did I need it that bad?  No.  So I sulked and moved on.

Back to the fateful day in the stinking store.  After my first gasp of exultation, I saw one on the side and another in the back and another on the bottom shelf.  It was like an Easter egg hunt.  I didn’t even care how much they cost, but I knew they would be cheap.  How cheap?  $0.99.  Wowsa.

Two of them were discolored, but I was only wasting $1.98 if I couldn’t clean them.  And one of them still had the Bohemia sticker!

They looked brand new once I cleaned them with hot, soapy water.  You can’t even tell which ones are the thrift store finds.

the one from my existing set is the front left

Woohoo for thrift store finds.  Have you found something great at a thrift store that makes your heart skip a beat?

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