For months I was waking up with pain in my elbow.  It was because of the angle from the bed down to the snooze button on my alarm clock.  It probably doesn’t help that I hit about 5 times in the morning.

I had to options for my problem:  1.  Wake up the first time my alarm clock buzzed or 2.  Buy new nightstands.

After a few weeks of searching Craigslist for a suitable pair and price, I acquired these nightstands which perfectly aligned to the height of the bed.

For the finish, I did not want to paint them grey since the room was starting to look cave-like, but I did not want them white either since they would be taking a lot of abuse.  After all, the alarm clock wasn’t the only thing getting banged up in the morning.

I can’t remember where I first saw this, but I decided to distress and cover the face of the drawers with textured-paintable wallpaper.  I bought this paper about a year ago and never followed through with the original project so these nightstands were a great use of the unused materials.  Antiquing them would work out great since there are so many nooks and crannies to suck up the glaze.

First, I cut four pieces of the wallpaper to fit the drawer faces so the pattern would line up.  Next, I put a coat of white spray paint on the paper and nightstands as a base before the glaze.

To antique, I put on a layer of the glaze.

And then used a damp rag to wipe off the excess glaze to let the white show through again.  I kept wiping until I was satisfied with the distressed finish.

I tried to do all four sheets the same.  Although the glaze is relatively thin and slow drying, I needed to work quickly to make sure it wasnt too dark.

For the nightstand themselves, I dampened the brush before dipping into the glaze to water it down.  Next, I wiped the excess glaze off the brush onto a cloth and dry-brushed the dresser.  After spray gluing the antiqued paper to the drawer faces, I put the knobs back on and reassembled the nightstands. Ta-da.  What do you think?

One thing I should have done was sand the bottom of the legs after I had painted them white.  Some of the dried paint ended up on the floor and I had to scrape it off.  Oh well.

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