A Brand New Kitchen

Remember the post with our massive to-do list?  We’re slowly chipping away at it and I wanted to share our new kitchen.  It is great.  Everything is easy to reach and the open concept makes it look so roomy.  Cooking in it is very simple and it has a lot of natural lighting.

I didn’t say it was our final kitchen.  I said it was our new, temporary, kitchen.  We are on day 5 of the renovation and so far the temporary kitchen is working out well.  We moved the refrigerator, microwave and dining table into the great/pool room.  As you can see, we setup a little bodega on the buffet.  We are trying to eat in and have found a great selection of semi-healthy, microwaveable food.

I have to say I’ll miss the unique tile floors, but not the plain, ugly, dirty, hard-to-clean tile counters.

I won’t miss the cabinets which divided the room or the much-too-small-to-fit-a-regular-cookie-sheet oven.  Hopefully the fridge survives until the end of the renovation because I think I heard it gasping its last breath as it sees the end of its life nearing.

The one thing I miss is the kitchen sink.  Or any sink.  I thought we would be able to use the sink in the laundry room, but we’ve completely sealed the kitchen from the rest of the house.  The only way to get in is through the garage so it is very inconvenient to use.

The muscles gutted the kitchen last week so it is down to its bones.  We’ve had more delays than I’m comfortable with a few delays, but we should be starting the rebuild this week.

why does the kitchen look smaller when it is empty?

Wish us luck.  Does anyone have any tips for surviving a kitchen remodel?  Does anyone have spare time and a love of hard labor to donate?  Does anyone have a healthy, tasty, home cooked meal to donate?  My brother has kindly voluntold volunteered to make us dinner tomorrow so feel free to give us dinner any other night.

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One Response to A Brand New Kitchen

  1. tracy says:

    You guys are brave to take on such a huge project, but I’m sure it will come out fantastic! Have you decided on cabinets? Can I recommend those corner cabinets with the lazy susan where you can store 8 to 10 pots and pans? They are such a storage saver. Good luck!

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