Hello Summer

It is almost summer and I forgot I had a blog.  I’ve been busy and people stopped asking about it.  And most of my family and friends have been over to see all of my projects so I haven’t bothered to post any updates.  Until I got this:

Yup, someone decided to leave a comment on an old post which triggered an email which reminded me there are a few people who read the blog that I don’t normally see.  Since the last post in March, I’ve:

-Developed gestational diabetes

-Survived a complete kitchen renovation

-Had a baby

-Learned how to change a diaper

In that exact order.  Why was gestational diabetes relevant to this blog?  Because twice a week since March, I was hooked up to a monitor.

My life was already busy with work and the pregnancy, but having to be at the clinic took up 6 hours of my life each week (having to drive back and forth, waiting to be checked in and the actual monitoring itself) that I would have devoted to something else.  Something had to give and it was the blog.

Flash forward to mid April.  Work is hectic since I’m trying to finish a lot of stuff before I start maternity leave and the kitchen has fallen behind schedule and we’re trying to get it functioning.  This is what the kitchen looked like 2 days before we had the baby:

Yikes.  Why did we cut it so close to the baby’s birth?  Well, the baby came early so technically we would have finished the kitchen on time.

Another flash forward to June.  Where has the time gone?  My sweet baby is already 7 weeks old.  Feeding and changing diapers has consumed my life.  But I’ve started to get more efficient so I hope to show the entire kitchen transformation next week.  I can rock the stroller, eat and load the dishwasher all at the same time!  Keep your fingers crossed that baby doesn’t start a new routine next week.  If not, I have the entire summer to catch up on blogging before I go back to work.

Stay tuned.

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