Chandelier Love

Two things happened when I watched the Nate Berkus Show in the spring of 2011.  First, I was determined to be on the show in a segment of House Proud.  Second,  I fell in love with the idea of having chandeliers in the kitchen. Unfortunately, the show has been canceled so I’ll never get a chance to be on House Proud.  Fortunately, I scoured Craigslist until my eyeballs were dry and found a pair of beautiful and unique chandeliers.  Here was my inspiration:

“I never think there are too many chandeliers in a room” –Lizzie Carney

I found these guys in April of 2011, long before we decided to remodel the kitchen.

They had a lot of patina and rust, but I thought it added to their vintage charm.

Although they were a completely different shape than my inspiration, I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them.

Once the kitchen started coming together, I realized the “vintage charm” was a little out of place.  So I did what I do best, and polished & painted them.   First I had to take the crystals off the frames and take the frames apart.

The first frame cleaned up nicely with fine steel wool and water, but the patina never really came off the second one.  After I polished both frames, I saw they were two different colors so I had to spray paint them.  They were transformed using my favorite gold spray paint:

I wasn’t going to change the pins between the crystals, but my mom volunteered to polish  the crystals and re-pin them for me.  I wasn’t going to turn down free labor so I let her take them.  She enlisted my dad to help clean and take them apart.

Together we re-pinned over 1000 crystals using rounded, jewelry pliers.  Phew.  My hands are tired just thinking about it again.  Google “jewelry loop pins” to find YouTube videos if you want to experience what we did.

I’m so glad we changed the pins because it made the chandeliers look almost brand new.  They are my absolute favorite thing about the kitchen.  They add sparkle, glitz and glamor to the minimalistic room.

They aren’t perfect, but vintage things rarely are.  And obviously no one is looking at them at this angle because they are hanging from the ceiling so no one will notice the imperfections.  They will be too busy being blinded by the bling.  Love, love, love them in kitchen.

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2 Responses to Chandelier Love

  1. tiffany says:

    I’ll tell you again, I love your chandeliers. I go on CL to look for something similar to your chandeliers from time to time but I don’t find anything worth emailing for. These chandeliers set the bar really high.

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