Humpty Dumpty II

The renovation chugged along at the same pace as the baby’s growth.  The kitchen was dramatically transformed in the last few days of the renovation.  We went from a barely dry-walled room to a space that could now pass for a kitchen.

Almost pass as a kitchen.  We were still missing appliances, countertops and most importantly, running water.

A week after we took those pictures, I was gawking at the room.

Why do I have that dumbfounded look on my face?  Because miracle after miracle had happened to us.  We were blessed with a healthy baby and came home to a finished kitchen.

Yay, we’re home after four days.  I hope the kitchen is done.

Our friend and contractor worked extreme hours, with help from our lovely family, to give us a working kitchen by the time we got home from the hospital.  Not only did we come home to a functional kitchen, but most of the finishing details were complete.  It was beautiful.

The “after” pictures are coming tomorrow.  I promise.  We finally kept the kitchen clear of dirty dishes and baby stuff long enough to take pretty pictures to show that the baby hasn’t taken over everyone.

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