Boost Your Roost

Now that we’ve renovated the biggest eyesore in our home (formerly the kitchen), it is time to tackle the next one:  our family room.  There are so many things I dislike that I wish I could just go on a design show and have someone re-do it for me.  Or I wish I had a large budget so I wouldn’t have to pinch my pennies to get great deals to design the room.

Well, I’ve entered the room into another design contest.  I’ve shied away from them since my last failed attempt.  My next foray is the Boost Your Roost contest.  Six finalists will be individually picked by six separate bloggers.  Our family room isn’t horrendous so it has a slim chance of winning, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

To enter, I just had to describe why it is important to renovate the room and what I would do with the $20,000 prize.   A girl can only dream of winning…

Where was this contest four months ago?  Our dated kitchen would have won hands down! Since we’ve already built our lovely kitchen, I would use the $20k to update our family room.  The previous homeowners had a love affair with oak which doesn’t suit my personality. Although they cursed us with the massive amounts of wood, we cursed ourselves with hand me down furniture.  I haven’t found a sofa that I can’t stop thinking about so we’ve stuck with the sagging leather couches and (gasp) oak coffee table.  Another sore point in the room are the disproportionate windows.  Why is one a large picture window and the other a short, but wide hole fit for a basement?

If the Centsational Girl (one of the bloggers who is picking finalists) shared my aversion towards the traditional wood, the money would go toward modernizing the room and creating a space for our new baby.  This space is important because our extended family gathers here to ooh and ahh over our daughter.  We need a room that is good for both chatting and tummy time.  We would make the room more comfortable for everyone with new seating so our guests would not sink in the quick sand like couches.  I would tear down the shrine of electronics (aka the built in cabinets) so we wouldn’t have to crane our necks to watch tv and replace them with a smaller entertainment center.  With the new found space, we could add a play area for the inevitable domination of baby gear and toys.  Of course we would use part of the budget to paint the walls and wainscoting a more upbeat color (aka gray).  Lastly, we would open up the oddly sized window to fill the room with more natural lighting.

Cross your fingers and I’ll share a link to the finalists at the end of August.

hopefully she’s a sucker for babies who share their thoughts

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