HD Buttercup

The root of my unhappiness in the family room are the leather sofas.  Not the leather part, but the dark maroon.  We’ve had these sofas forever (aka since 2004) and they never looked horrendous in the other spaces.  They probably looked ok because they weren’t competing with oak wainscoting.  We opted to replace the sofas since fixing the wainscoting would take a lot more effort.

Off to HD Buttercup to make our living room dreams come true.  The hubby had low expectations because of his experience at the other furniture stores I had dragged him to.  They either had poor selection or all of the same sofa in different fabrics.  I knew this one would be different.  I saw the designers of HGTV’s Design Star buying several furniture pieces from this store so I knew it would not disappoint.

Disapoint it did not!  I swooned as we walked through the doors.  It was West Elm meets  Z Gallerie meets industrial warehouse.  Rather than being one specific design style, the store was organized into several collections.  They had everything from sofas (duh) to dining tables and chairs to light fixtures.  It was two floors of unique furniture with one floor dedicated to mid century modern.  Someone in our family is too big to comfortably fit in the 50s style sofas so we breezed through that floor.

Here are a few of my favorites.  Excuse the picture quality.  My camera is currently on life support and my only other way to take pictures is with a cell phone.

does anyone recognize this sofa from kris jenner’s office? anyone? kardashian fans?

Don’t be fooled by the plush appearance of this jar.  It is actually all ceramic and very breakable (and very expensive).

After two hours of gawking at every detail of the store, we walked away from HD Buttercup.  Walked away with a brand new sofa!  Any guesses?  Hint:  It is in one of the pictures.




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