It’s Sofa-n

Get it?  So fun…

As mentioned in the previous post, we got a new sofa. We got the lighter colored one and have been living with it for about a month.  It is sofa-n having a couch that we don’t sink into. It is extra wide so we can both lay down without touching each other.  Woohoo for personal space.  It’s filled with a combination of feathers and polyfill so the cushions spring back to shape when you get up.

I was pretty sure we wouldn’t win the Boost Your Roost contest, so I decided to give the family room a makeover with my own dough.  A lovely (and more deserving) family from Florida is the finalist from the blog I entered.  The main feature of my makeover is obviously the new sofa.  It is my dream sofa.  It is cream colored linen with a chaise that doesn’t looked too overstuffed.  The only part that wasn’t dreamy was the price tag.  Here she is.

You may think a light colored sofa and a kid is a bad combination, but we have a few tricks up our sleeves to prevent it from becoming a stain magnet.  First, we’ve stopped drinking  colored liquids on the couch to prevent any spills from turning into stains.  Next, we put a baby gate around the entire thing  blanket under the baby to prevent any of her spills from getting onto the sofa.  Finally, the entire sofa is slipped covered so we can take any piece off and wash it if necessary.  That was actually the main selling point which got us to swipe our credit card.

What I like the most about the sofa is being able to coordinate stuff with it.  Almost any pillow or piece of furniture will go swell with it, unlike our old maroon leather sofas.

Speaking of the drab and dark eyesores, we were able to unload them and the old oak coffee table on Craigslist.

They sold surprisingly fast.  The guy who bought them responded to the ad within 2 hours of the posting and wanted to come by that night.  Instead he came at 7:30am the next morning and bought the coffee table as well.  He thought he was getting a steal for the combo, but little did he know we would have paid him to take our old furniture.  It was a win win situation for everyone.

After we cleared out the old furniture, the room looked empty so we moved some existing furniture into the room.  You may recognize these chairs from the pool room.

I designated the open area between the chairs and the sofa as the baby play area.  Lucky for me the bouncer we got at the baby shower matches the colors of the sofa.

Also hidden in that corner is a junky little shelf I made out of scrap plywood.  I used the Kreg Jig to piece together the stand to hold my water cups.  It is so hidden that I didn’t even bother painting it to make it look pretty.  In an effort to reuse more of my junk, I used an old desk drawer as a plant stand for my new fiddle leaf fig tree.

Most of the time that corner is covered by blankets so you can’t really see either of the re-purposed shelves.

How do you like our new living room?  Doesn’t it look bigger, brighter and more inviting?

Stop by anytime to try out our comfy sofa for yourself.  It is great for naps and watching tv.

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  1. Amanda says:


  2. jessica says:

    Please let me know where you got this couch. I love it. Please.

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