Musical Chairs

There was a giant furniture void in the pool room after I moved the chairs into the living room.  Of course I have a stockpile of furniture to fill all vacancies so the corner was only empty for a few minutes.  After a game of musical chairs, the old sofas were out and a new ottoman plopped into the last empty seat.

We actually made the ottoman before the baby was born and we’ve been moving it around to find a good spot for it.  It was originally made to replace the oak coffee table, but it didn’t match the sofas or pillows.  It has been hopping around a few other spots, but it never fit in anywhere.

We made it from scrap wood and materials we had sitting around.  I was going to turn the oak coffee table into a large ottoman, but forgot to figure in the foam when I bought the fabric so I was short several inches.  So the foam and fabric sat around for over a year before I got the bright idea to make a new frame so I could use the materials I had.

First, we made a frame from scrap 2x4s and plywood and Kreg Jigged the whole thing together.  We drilled holes into the plywood so I could secure covered buttons to the bottom.  I also added the frames for the legs, but realized I should have done this after I added the batting and fabric.

Next, I cut the foam down to size and cut little holes in the same spots as the plywood.

I added batting and cut holes in the same location as the previous two layers.

I forgot to take pictures of how I finished with the fabric and buttons, but I simply stapled the fabric to the wood underneath the cushion.  I made buttons and threaded/stapled them similar to the way I did it for the covered headboard I did awhile back.

Lastly, I screwed the leg frames to the wood and the legs to the frames.

Ta-da.  The ottoman is complete.  Between the fabric, foam, and legs, this was not a cheap project.

-Wood:  Free scraps (from the house demo and previous projects)

-Foam:  ~$35 for 20″x40″x2″ high density from a local foam shop

-Fabric:  ~$27 for 1.5 yards of crushed velvet from a local fabric store

-Wooden legs: ~$8 each=$32 from Home Depot

-Leg frames:  ~$4 each= $16 from Home Depot

You could probably buy an ottoman for $100, but at least this is the exact fabric and color I wanted.  It compliments the buffet very well even though I didn’t originally intend for it to go there.

I also had a Chinoiserie style folding screen laying around the house and added it to my little corner vignette.  I borrowed it from my mom awhile back and never gave it back.  It is too heavy (even for the man of the house) to easily move so I’ve been storing it in the office.

What do you think?  The first comment I got was, “Um, it looks very Asian.”  It could be worse.  My mom has been trying to give me her excess collection of blue and white china for years.

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