Looking at My Loot

A few weekends ago, my friends and I went to a baby shower in a neighborhood that was having blocks of garage sales. This wasn’t your normal couple-of-house-in-a-row type of sale, but about 7×2 streets worth of treasure.  It was in conjunction with an organized antique fair and people were slinging their stuff to ride on the publicity.  The sellers had their goods strewn across theirs lawns and the buyers were trailing their wagons with their finds.  The quality of the goods was outstanding.  People weren’t selling their freebie t-shirts, but their dining sets they had inherited from the grandparents.  With my baby shower gift in hand, I haggled to get best deals.  Look at the loot I was able to get for $37!

A glider rocker and ottoman for $30, a side table/stool for $2 and a luggage rack for $5.  I only wanted to buy the ottoman, but couldn’t pass up the entire set for $30.  The unique duck/swan head detail on the arms won me over.

excuse the poor focus, my camera is still in the shop and i don’t know how to use my loaner

Aside from the granny style floral fabric, the chair is in good condition with no tears or funny smells.  The same can’t be said for the matching ottoman, but that will be fixed with new fabric.

I wasn’t sure where I would put the little table or luggage rack, but once again I couldn’t pass up the prices.  The little table looks like it could have come from Ikea, but the luggage rack is definitely vintage with its cute curves and Victorian looking straps.

My friends also came away with great deals.  50 cents for a pair of glass candlestick  holders and $2 for an oval coffee table.  I can’t wait to start on these new projects.  Although I’m sure the rocker is going to sit around for a few months.  Considering the fact that I also have 4 folding chairs, 2 arm chairs and 2 side tables in my to-be-fixed backlog, I’ll be surprised if I get to it within the next year.

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4 Responses to Looking at My Loot

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  3. sean says:

    what fabric are you thinking of installing onto the rocker/ottoman set?

    • nailpolishpaint says:

      I’m not sure yet, but I was thinking about something in a geometric pattern.

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