I’m Back! (Maybe)

I was taking a survey on one of the blogs I read daily.  One of the last questions was:

I snarked at the option of  “Yes, but I hardly ever update it”.  As I was entering my info, I shamefully couldn’t remember the blog’s URL and had to visit my own site to see what it was.  The date of my last post glared back at me.

Yikes.  9.12.12?  Was my last post really 4 months ago?  Sadly, I had to change my answer on the survey.

I haven’t stopped nailing, polishing or painting things.  In fact, I’ve been taking pictures along the way so I could share with you.  Here is that $5 luggage rack with a quick coat of paint.


I know you miss/crave/need to read my witty words and pretty pictures, but my priorities have changed. Instead of staying up late at night to sew, I stay up to fold one last diaper:

back5Instead of stirring a can of paint, I stir a batch of baby food:

back1pea and carrot mush is yummy

Instead of catching up on TV time, I catch up with mommy-and-me time:

Am I back to blogging?  Maybe.  If a certain someone continues to go to bed at a decent time.  Maybe not.  If MTV decides to renew Teen Mom or give Macy her own spin-off.

p.s.  this post is dedicated to allison who also noted the lack of recent posts.  hope this is enough to tide you over for a bit.
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6 Responses to I’m Back! (Maybe)

  1. Allison says:

    Yes this is enough to tide me over… but not for four months : ) I look forward to more posts and more pictures of Ella!

  2. Vanessa G says:

    New subscriber here! The luggage rack looks really cute. I’m looking forward to more posts…

    • nailpolishpaint says:

      Yay! A new subscriber just increased my readership by 10%. Wait, did I just reveal that only 10 people read my blog?

  3. Randi says:

    Love the picture of you and our precious Ella!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Yay glad you’re finally back. Sorta. I don’t think I ever saw the finished luggage stand. It looks super cute, as does baby girl in the picture below.
    Oh fyi. There is also a new teen mom going on too. But it’s teen mom 2. No Macy, Bentley, Ryan or Kyle. (Did you hear my Tennessee twang when i said those names?)

    • nailpolishpaint says:

      I find the cast of TM2 to be quite annoying and refuse to watch them. Although the same could be said of TM1.

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