YHL Thrift Shop Challenge

Young House Love challenged me (yes, me personally) to a thrift store challenge which was inspired by the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Thrift Store song.


And of course I accepted.  The rules were to take a picture at a thrift store with $20 in your pocket.  Let me apologize in advance for 1) cell phone camera pictures 2) the awful lighting at Goodwill 3) which led to an awful picture of me:


The second rule was to take pictures with objects from the lyrics of the song.  Score 1 for me since I was at the Goodwill.  Another object was a keyboard.  They actually had 3 full sized keyboards, but I thought it would be funny to take a pictures with the kid sized one.  The kid I pushed out of the way to get to it did not think it was so funny.


Other objects from the song are house slippers and boy does Goodwill have a wide assortment.  I decided to try on the monogrammed ones (the clean one of the pair) because I’m fancy like that.  Of course I didn’t let my skin touch the inside of the slipper.  That would be gross.  I walked over to the hosiery section and borrowed a sock for protection before I Cinderella-ed myself.


The final rule was purchase some items with said $20 bill.  There were few things I had my eye on.  My first stop at thrift stores is always the houseware section to see if they have any goblets which match my collection.  My heart pitter-pattered when I saw the tell tale crystal balls during this particular trip.


But, they were not the right glasses.  Although they were made by Bohemia Crystal, these ones were skinnier and engraved.


I found this mirror for only $16.  I almost bought it, but I already have 2 other gold mirrors which have yet to be hung.  I made a promise to the hubby about buying things only if they had a place in the house.  If I break it, I want it to be for an unbelievable deal.  I did walk by it about 7 times to make sure no one else had bought it (it was still there when I left).

mclmr4 This little cabinet was a contender, but it was more than the challenge amount at $40.  I think I might have a spot for it.  I may buy it if it is still there the next time I go to this store.


Then there was this guy.  It was a rrruff decision to not buy him, but I had to paw-rt with him before I left the store.  Although Sherry of YHL loves to spray paint ceramic animals to make them look chic, I didn’t think it would match our decor.


If I didn’t buy any of that stuff, then what did I go home with?  These two things.  A milk glass footed bowl and a mini cardboard suitcase.


I did a little research since the milk bowl had Cleveland Co markings.  It is worth about $25 so I just quadrupled my money with this purchase.  Woohoo for my $5.99 milk glass.


Bonus points!  A suitcase is another object from the song. I recognized the mini suitcase right away since I have purchased them from Paper Source.  It retails for $11.50 so the $2.99 price was a steal.


I heart thrift stores and would have gone regardless of the (unofficial) Macklemore challenge.  The one by my work is in an affluent area so there are quality goods at bargain prices every time I go there.  I peruse the store a couple times a week month during my lunch break.  Click here to see what everyone else in YHL challenge picked up.  It’s pretty hillarious.

Final thoughts:  How do other people take such good pictures of themselves with their cell phones?  Is it my lack of social media accounts which are limiting my abilities to take pretty self portraits?  Or was it the fact that I was using the face side camera instead of the front side with a mirror?  It was pretty hard to take a picture of myself while extending my arm and pressing the touch screen while keeping my hand from shaking.  Suggestions please!

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7 Responses to YHL Thrift Shop Challenge

  1. Tiffany says:

    That challenge sounds fun. If I had more free time these days and knew about it earlier, I would have liked to participate…especially having discovered the “diamond in the rough” spot near work. I can’t wait to wander there again next week during lunch. The cabinet would make a great wine/bar cabinet too!
    BTW, Mike is deeply sadden that Jet Jr. was adopted. If you run into another Jet Jr. please let us know. Spray painted animals ceramic…knew there’s soft spot for those amongst ourselves never thought Mike was a fan too.

  2. ThriftDee says:

    Great finds! I collect milk glass too!

  3. tracy says:

    Wow, I love that mirror! I’ve been looking for a large quatrofoil mirror, but they are all a couple hundred dollars. This has a similar look for such a bargain! Ok need to hit up Palo Alto Goodwill! Also I love Young House Love, discovered it a couple months ago and thought of you.

    • nailpolishpaint says:

      I was thinking of going back for the mirror for myself. Do you want me to get it for you?

      • tracy says:

        Thank you for picking up the mirror for me! That is so thoughtful of you. I’m hoping I could make it down there to pick it up after I introduce the bottle for Chase. BTW, had a baby last week. Thanks again and can’t wait to see what your new project is!

  4. Sweet finds. That mini suitcase is adorable!

  5. Lura says:

    HOLY CRAP! That cabinet is fabulous and so is that mirror!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEVER find anything like that. Great finds.

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