Crusty Side Table

Did you notice another new member of my furniture family next to the chairs in the living room?

This is a side table I rescued from Craigslist.  The little guy was in dire need of some TLC.

It was being stored outside and had a layer of dust (yuck) and cat hair (double yuck).

The veneer on top had cracked and crumbled.  It needed a lot of painting and polishing to bring it back to its former glory.

Lucky for this little side table, I am an expert at giving furniture makeovers.  I spray painted it  with my go to Heirloom White and decoupaged paper on top to hide the crusty veneer.  I used paper from Paper Source with a cute gold zinnia pattern.

It is the perfect size to hold my (yet to be read) travel magazines and telephone.  Yes, I am old school and still have (and frequently use) a land line.

It has a unique shape with a unique pie crust scalloped edge.  I can’t believe it was only $10!  I heart Craigslist.

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It’s Sofa-n

Get it?  So fun…

As mentioned in the previous post, we got a new sofa. We got the lighter colored one and have been living with it for about a month.  It is sofa-n having a couch that we don’t sink into. It is extra wide so we can both lay down without touching each other.  Woohoo for personal space.  It’s filled with a combination of feathers and polyfill so the cushions spring back to shape when you get up.

I was pretty sure we wouldn’t win the Boost Your Roost contest, so I decided to give the family room a makeover with my own dough.  A lovely (and more deserving) family from Florida is the finalist from the blog I entered.  The main feature of my makeover is obviously the new sofa.  It is my dream sofa.  It is cream colored linen with a chaise that doesn’t looked too overstuffed.  The only part that wasn’t dreamy was the price tag.  Here she is.

You may think a light colored sofa and a kid is a bad combination, but we have a few tricks up our sleeves to prevent it from becoming a stain magnet.  First, we’ve stopped drinking  colored liquids on the couch to prevent any spills from turning into stains.  Next, we put a baby gate around the entire thing  blanket under the baby to prevent any of her spills from getting onto the sofa.  Finally, the entire sofa is slipped covered so we can take any piece off and wash it if necessary.  That was actually the main selling point which got us to swipe our credit card.

What I like the most about the sofa is being able to coordinate stuff with it.  Almost any pillow or piece of furniture will go swell with it, unlike our old maroon leather sofas.

Speaking of the drab and dark eyesores, we were able to unload them and the old oak coffee table on Craigslist.

They sold surprisingly fast.  The guy who bought them responded to the ad within 2 hours of the posting and wanted to come by that night.  Instead he came at 7:30am the next morning and bought the coffee table as well.  He thought he was getting a steal for the combo, but little did he know we would have paid him to take our old furniture.  It was a win win situation for everyone.

After we cleared out the old furniture, the room looked empty so we moved some existing furniture into the room.  You may recognize these chairs from the pool room.

I designated the open area between the chairs and the sofa as the baby play area.  Lucky for me the bouncer we got at the baby shower matches the colors of the sofa.

Also hidden in that corner is a junky little shelf I made out of scrap plywood.  I used the Kreg Jig to piece together the stand to hold my water cups.  It is so hidden that I didn’t even bother painting it to make it look pretty.  In an effort to reuse more of my junk, I used an old desk drawer as a plant stand for my new fiddle leaf fig tree.

Most of the time that corner is covered by blankets so you can’t really see either of the re-purposed shelves.

How do you like our new living room?  Doesn’t it look bigger, brighter and more inviting?

Stop by anytime to try out our comfy sofa for yourself.  It is great for naps and watching tv.

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HD Buttercup

The root of my unhappiness in the family room are the leather sofas.  Not the leather part, but the dark maroon.  We’ve had these sofas forever (aka since 2004) and they never looked horrendous in the other spaces.  They probably looked ok because they weren’t competing with oak wainscoting.  We opted to replace the sofas since fixing the wainscoting would take a lot more effort.

Off to HD Buttercup to make our living room dreams come true.  The hubby had low expectations because of his experience at the other furniture stores I had dragged him to.  They either had poor selection or all of the same sofa in different fabrics.  I knew this one would be different.  I saw the designers of HGTV’s Design Star buying several furniture pieces from this store so I knew it would not disappoint.

Disapoint it did not!  I swooned as we walked through the doors.  It was West Elm meets  Z Gallerie meets industrial warehouse.  Rather than being one specific design style, the store was organized into several collections.  They had everything from sofas (duh) to dining tables and chairs to light fixtures.  It was two floors of unique furniture with one floor dedicated to mid century modern.  Someone in our family is too big to comfortably fit in the 50s style sofas so we breezed through that floor.

Here are a few of my favorites.  Excuse the picture quality.  My camera is currently on life support and my only other way to take pictures is with a cell phone.

does anyone recognize this sofa from kris jenner’s office? anyone? kardashian fans?

Don’t be fooled by the plush appearance of this jar.  It is actually all ceramic and very breakable (and very expensive).

After two hours of gawking at every detail of the store, we walked away from HD Buttercup.  Walked away with a brand new sofa!  Any guesses?  Hint:  It is in one of the pictures.




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Boost Your Roost

Now that we’ve renovated the biggest eyesore in our home (formerly the kitchen), it is time to tackle the next one:  our family room.  There are so many things I dislike that I wish I could just go on a design show and have someone re-do it for me.  Or I wish I had a large budget so I wouldn’t have to pinch my pennies to get great deals to design the room.

Well, I’ve entered the room into another design contest.  I’ve shied away from them since my last failed attempt.  My next foray is the Boost Your Roost contest.  Six finalists will be individually picked by six separate bloggers.  Our family room isn’t horrendous so it has a slim chance of winning, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

To enter, I just had to describe why it is important to renovate the room and what I would do with the $20,000 prize.   A girl can only dream of winning…

Where was this contest four months ago?  Our dated kitchen would have won hands down! Since we’ve already built our lovely kitchen, I would use the $20k to update our family room.  The previous homeowners had a love affair with oak which doesn’t suit my personality. Although they cursed us with the massive amounts of wood, we cursed ourselves with hand me down furniture.  I haven’t found a sofa that I can’t stop thinking about so we’ve stuck with the sagging leather couches and (gasp) oak coffee table.  Another sore point in the room are the disproportionate windows.  Why is one a large picture window and the other a short, but wide hole fit for a basement?

If the Centsational Girl (one of the bloggers who is picking finalists) shared my aversion towards the traditional wood, the money would go toward modernizing the room and creating a space for our new baby.  This space is important because our extended family gathers here to ooh and ahh over our daughter.  We need a room that is good for both chatting and tummy time.  We would make the room more comfortable for everyone with new seating so our guests would not sink in the quick sand like couches.  I would tear down the shrine of electronics (aka the built in cabinets) so we wouldn’t have to crane our necks to watch tv and replace them with a smaller entertainment center.  With the new found space, we could add a play area for the inevitable domination of baby gear and toys.  Of course we would use part of the budget to paint the walls and wainscoting a more upbeat color (aka gray).  Lastly, we would open up the oddly sized window to fill the room with more natural lighting.

Cross your fingers and I’ll share a link to the finalists at the end of August.

hopefully she’s a sucker for babies who share their thoughts

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Kitchen Renovation Finished!

A picture is worth a thousand words so I won’t bore you with too many real words.  Here are the before and after pictures of our kitchen.

What do you think?  I think it is gorgeous, but of course I’m partial to it since I picked everything out.  If you’re interested, here are the posts leading up to the reveal of these pretty pictures:

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