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First Makeover

Our first makeover!  Ok, so technically we didn’t do any work, but the “sale pending” sign has been upgraded to “sold”.  And we didn’t sign any papers so technically it isn’t sold.  Unless they sold it to someone else.  But … Continue reading

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Time Capsule

The house we’re buying is in good shape, but still needs a little work.  We’ve made note of some things have to be fixed before we move in and some that we can fix over time.  Our goal is to … Continue reading

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Nail, Polish and Paint

So a lovely lady asked me, “What does Nail, Polish and Paint mean?”  Well, I couldn’t tell you before I finished the blog header.  Sorry I made you wait, but I had designer’s block and couldn’t think of anything.  But … Continue reading

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Followed Me?

Murphy is back with his sad puppy dog eyes.  Hoping you followed us from Blogger to WordPress.  One of the main reasons for the move was the size of the pics I can post.  I like taking pictures and you … Continue reading

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Craigslist App

Dear Craigslist Ad Poster, Please do not use adjective like “beautiful” or “antique” when describing your worn down, cat hair covered, coffee stained arm chair. “Must see” does not mean that I must see the ugly crap you are trying … Continue reading

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