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Welcome to the Gun Show

Me:  Got your ticket to the show?  (Insert C flexing his arm) You:  What show? Me:  The gun show.  (Insert me giggling) I got a new tool for my DIY tool kit as a Christmas present.  A Wagner Control Spray … Continue reading

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Spring Has Sprung

Happy Spring! The constant rains have been nourishing the backyard.  Old and new flowers are springing up everywhere.  Flowers are coming up from underneath the ground covering plants and from what appeared to be forgotten and decayed flower beds.  We … Continue reading

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Built in Closet

We’re done.  We’re done.  We’re DONE!  We finally finished the walk-in closet we started in November.  You can see progress in these posts: 1. Closet Update,  2. Closet Progress,  3 Closet Progress:  Part 3 of 4? We finished mudding, taping … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Jars

Do you save old jars?  I do.  My sister-in-law laughed when I admitted this, but I think the Safeway Select spaghetti sauce jars are pretty.  What can you do with old spaghetti sauce jars?  Here’s a little trick I learned … Continue reading

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Color Erase

The number one laundry rule is to separate dark and light colors.  I diligently follow this rule.  But (this wouldn’t be a good post if there wasn’t a ‘but’) occasionally unlike colors get mixed into the wrong pile.  Even if … Continue reading

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