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Dolly the Sheep

Like the scientists who created Dolly the sheep, I have dabbled in cloning.  I’m refurbishing a very vintage vanity, but it is missing part of its drawer pull.  I didn’t have any luck finding a replacement so I decided to … Continue reading

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Organization Heaven

I love being organized.  The shirts in my closet are hung in order of sleeve length and color.  The food in the pantry is lined up by meal coarse.  My bills and statements are neatly filed in individual folders in … Continue reading

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Christmas in July

Someone’s been nibbling on my apricots.  It only takes a taste before someone remember that it doesn’t like apricots.  Then, the opened fruit is left on the branch for an unsuspecting homeowner to pick. Judging from the precarious location on … Continue reading

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Quirky Corky II

Sorry it took so long for the Mystery Friday reveal.  If you guessed that the picture frame was fine they way it was (and someone did pick it), then… …you don’t know me well enough.  Please stop reading the blog.  … Continue reading

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Mystery Friday

What will this garage sale find be reincarnated into?  Hint:  It is something I’ve blogged about before.

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